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One Green Jelly Bean
listen 1. All Around The World 
listen 2. Hello Mr. Sun 
listen 3. Join The Parade 
listen 4. Sara 
listen 5. One Green Jelly Bean 
listen 6. Camp Potawatomi 
listen 7. Summersault Song 
listen 8. Jumped Into The Ark 
listen 9. Sing Sing Sing 
listen 10. Friends 
listen 11. Merry Go Round 
listen 12. Spring Song 
listen 13. Le Petit Bonhomme De Bois 
listen 14. Land Of The Little People 
listen 15. To Be Who We Are 
listen 16. Onkey Donkey 
listen 17. Ride My Bike 
listen 18. Today Is Your Birthday 
listen 19. My School's #1 

Dinosaur Safari
listen 1. Heatherdown 
listen 2. I Grew A Garden 
listen 3. Pizza 
listen 4. Butterfly, Butterfly 
listen 5. Hugs 'n Grugs 'n Snugglebugs 
listen 6. Wheat In The Wind 
listen 7. Sleep Out Under The Stars 
listen 8. Frog In My Pocket 
listen 9. I'll Marry You 
listen 10. Dinosaur Safari 
listen 11. Tightrope 
listen 12. Grandpa's Takin Me To The
listen 13. Lullaby In The Rain 
listen 14. It Takes One To Know One 
listen 15. Calliope Clown 
listen 16. Wobbily Wagon 
listen 17. Grumpy Bear 
listen 18. Dogood Dog 
listen 19. Wiggle Your Toes In The Water 

Ice Cream Shoppe
listen 1. The World Goes Round 
listen 2. Honeycomb Tree 
listen 3. Practice Makes Purrfect 
listen 4. Come On In 
listen 5. Wintertime Tic Tac Toe 
listen 6. Color Us A Sunny Day 
listen 7. "P" Is For Picnic  
listen 8. Good Things Come In Trees 
listen 9. Ice Cream Shoppe 
listen 10. Jigsaw Giraffe 
listen 11. Barn Dance 
listen 12. Ant's Picnic 
listen 13. Rhubarb Stew 
listen 14. Imagination 
listen 15. Snowman Joe 
listen 16. Coconut Bowl 
listen 17. Snorklepus 
listen 18. Let's Be Kids Again 
listen 19. Let's Go Dinghy 


Lee And Sandy
21 Original Songs
listen 1. Worms After The Rain 
listen 2. Oompah-pah-pah 
listen 3. A Smile Goes A Long,
Long Way 
listen 4. Sandpaper Shuffle 
listen 5. Can You Wiggle Your Ears? 
listen 6. Don't Get Peanut Butter In The
Strawberry Jam 
listen 7. Cows Woc Backward 
listen 8. Penny Song 
listen 9. Sleepytown Ball 
listen 10. Te The Zee 
listen 11. Tu Sais Que Je T'aime 
listen 12. People Is A Funny Old Word 
listen 13. Chew Chew 
listen 14. Cock-A-Doodle-Do 
listen 15. Alberta 
listen 16. Alphabet Animals 
listen 17. Benjamin My Boy 
listen 18. Love Tree 
listen 19. 6" Boots In A 9' Puddle 
listen 20. Bear Song 
listen 21. Sing Me Sun 

Cows & Horses
listen 1. Soda Pop Hop 
listen 2. Polar Bear Bath 
listen 3. Me And My Kite 
listen 4. Look What The Wind Blew In 
listen 5. Bogannin' Hill 
listen 6. A Hippo Named Grace 
listen 7. Ice Cream Trike 
listen 8. Cows And Horses 
listen 9. Cartwheel Kid 
listen 10. Take A Duck To Lunch 
listen 11. Bicycle Parade 
listen 12. Snow Angels 
listen 13. 80 Some Tickles 
listen 14. Breaky With A Black Bear 
listen 15. Doodle To Do 
listen 16. Walrus Stuck In The Waterslide 
listen 17. Lucky Ol' Mississippi 
listen 18. Prairie Dog Days 
listen 19. House That Love Built 

Do-Good Day
listen 1. Hide And Seek 
listen 2. Moosewalk 
listen 3. A Park In The Middle Of Town 
listen 4. Dogood Day 
listen 5. Lady Bug 
listen 6. City Kids, Country Kids 
listen 7. Vine Street Rap 
listen 8. Three Legged Race 
listen 9. Babies 
listen 10. Bumbleberry Pie 
listen 11. My Little Tee Pee 
listen 12. Song Of The Woods 
listen 13. Copy Cat 
listen 14. When The Fifties Are 50 Years Old 
listen 15. My Sombrero 
listen 16. Brie-Anne 
listen 17. Make A Little Hay 
listen 18. Gramma's Llama 
listen 19. Jack In A Box 

Hot Dog... A Hot Rod
listen 1. Schoolbus Window 
listen 2. Jump Rope 
listen 3. We Got The Rhythm 
listen 4. Batter Up - Play Ball 
listen 5. Plant A Tree 
listen 6. Hot Dog... A Hot Rod 
listen 7. Some Funny Symphony 
listen 8. Bucky Beaver 
listen 9. Monkey Talk 
listen 10. Good Day Everyone 
listen 11. We're All E.A.R.S. 
listen 12. Veggie Opera 
listen 13. I'm Glad I Have A Nose 
listen 14. Tin Town 
listen 15. 'A' Me Limbo 
listen 16. Forest Friends 
listen 17. Wallaby Hop  
listen 18. We Don't Put Up With Putdowns 
listen 19. You And Me 
listen 20. Running For The Office Of
The Mayor 
listen 21. Quick Fox 
listen 22. Hit Tune 
listen 23. Tunnel Mountain Train 
listen 24. Summer Hloiday 

Sandcastle Dreams
listen 1. We Belong Together 
listen 2. Left And Right 
listen 3. Counting Sheep 
listen 4. I Canoe 
listen 5. Pin The Tail On The Donkey 
listen 6. Bubba Baboon 
listen 7. Sandcastle Dreams 
listen 8. Blue Ribbon 
listen 9. Kickin' A Stone 
listen 10. Beach Party 
listen 11. Pig-A-Boo 
listen 12. Exact Opposites 
listen 13. Fine Feathered Friends 
listen 14. Follow The Leader 
listen 15. Critter Sitter  
listen 16. U.F.O. Alert 
listen 17. Waitin' For The Rain 
listen 18. In My Dreams 
listen 19. In The Playground 

Balloner Landing
listen 1. Ballooner Landiing 
listen 2. Nay'Bors 
listen 3. Billy Goat "Will" 
listen 4. Bowl And Spoon Tune 
listen 5. Sloupers 
listen 6. Fall In The Leaves 
listen 7. Wiggle And Giggle 
listen 8. Swing 
listen 9. Walk 'n Roll 
listen 10. Sing A Happy Song 
listen 11. Rainy Day Friends 
listen 12. Creeter Band 
listen 13. Snap Clap Slap Tap 
listen 14. Wildflowers, Sunshowers 
listen 15. Tin Whistle Band 
listen 16. Campin' In the Kitchen 
listen 17. Crazy In Love 
listen 18. Parrotphernalia 
listen 19. Old Coach Road 

Ballooner Landing
listen 1. Overture 
listen 2. Ballooner Landing Christmas 
listen 3. Jingle Bells* 
listen 4. Snow Angels 
listen 5. Up On The Housetop* 
listen 6. Away In A Manger/Silent Night* 
listen 7. Wintertime Tic Tac Toe 
listen 8. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town* 
listen 9. Christams Cookies 
listen 10. Immanuel's Lullaby 
listen 11. Here Comes Santa Claus* 
listen 12. O Christmas Tree/Deck The Halls* 
listen 13. Rudolph* 
listen 14. Snowman Joe 
listen 15. Bogannin' Hill 
listen 16. Do Good Saved The Day 
listen 17. What's In Your Heart 
listen 18. We Wish You A Merry Christmas* 
listen 19. Christmas Candle 

Ballooner Landing DVD



Over 30 original songs in 4 exciting Ballooner Landing episodes, as seen on YTV.

  • Recycle show
  • Movie show
  • Circus show
  • Game show

Winner of the Can-Pro Gold Award for Best Produced Children's Television Series.

Music Videos
USB Flash Drive

‘Music in the Classroom’ on a USB Flash Drive. A collection of 40 music videos from Lee and Sandy’s YTV show, ‘Ballooner Landing’. Winner of the Can-Pro Gold award for ‘Best Produced Canadian Children’s Series’.

Learn action songs, exercise with everybody’s favorite, ‘One Green Jelly Bean’, play games, listen to quiet time story songs. Educational music with positive values, and lots of ‘just for fun’ sing-a-long songs.

Includes lyrics and guitar chords.

Music mp3 Library
USB Flash Drive

All 200 songs, 10 CDs, on one convenient USB flash drive in mp3 format. Sing along with Lee and Sandy’s entire library of original kid’s songs at home, in school and on family vacations.

To sample the music, click on the songs above and check out the coloured star categories.

All words and music written by Lee and Sandy Paley, except 10 Christmas favourites. **

  • MP3 format.
  • Delivered on a convenient USB Flash Drive.

Includes lyrics and guitar chords.

All words & music written by Lee & Sandy Paley, published and copyright Paley Music Company except **

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