For over 40 years Lee and Sandy Paley have been sharing their
songs with children, their families and teachers, touring in schools,
libraries and communities across Canada.

They have written and recorded over two hundred action packed,
visually rich songs, and created a television series called Ballooner Landing.

Ballooner Landing is the television home the couple shares with their lovable dog, 'Do-Good', a shy pink parrot, 'Prudence', and the anything but shy 'Tex Critter' the flea.

Winner of the Can-Pro Gold award for best Canadian produced children's series, Ballooner Landing aired for 15 years on various networks including YTV, CBC, Global, as well as some PBS, and Kidztime in the U.S. The Paley's have also appeared on Treehouse and Sesame Street.

Many of Lee and Sandy's songs are printed in music books. Favourites like "One Green Jelly Bean", "Six Inch Boots in a Nine Inch Puddle", "Don't Get Peanut Butter in the Strawberry Jam" and "Cow's Woc Backward" are published in textbooks worldwide by Pearson Education (New Jersey, USA).

Motivated by their love for children and a belief that childhood is far too short, Lee and Sandy encourage families to play, laugh and sing together. Their imaginative music has a positive focus and a message of caring, friendship and love.

The Paleys believe that when children are happy, they play well together and find it easier to learn, and music is a great way to lift their spirits, open their minds and inspire creativity.

Lee and Sandy, along with their family, live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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