Created and written by Lee and Sandy Paley, 'Ballooner Landing' is the farm home the couple shares
with their lovable dog, 'Do Good', a shy pink parrot 'Prudence', and the anything-but-shy 'Tex Critter'
the flea... plus all the little critters in 'Critter Corral'. In every episode, special guests arrive in a
colorful hot air balloon for a half hour of musical fun and adventure.

The show features over 200 songs written and performed by the Paley's, with a cast of hundreds of school kids and barnyard animals, educational poems from Prudence's 'Poet Tree', fun and easy crafts called 'Parrotphernalia', 'Doghouse Theatre' starring 'Tex Critter' the flea, (The pride of Fleaport, Texas!!), 'Pig Jokes', riddles, and lots of laughs from 'Do Good' dog.

Produced by Calgary 2&7 (now Canwest Global), 'Ballooner Landing' was the winner of the prestigious CANPRO GOLD award for 'Best Produced Canadian Children's Series'. The syndicated show has aired across Canada over the last 17 years, including 5 years daily on YTV, as well as Global Television and CBC, and in the U.S. on the 'Kidztime' network and some PBS. Select videos from 'Ballooner Landing' appear daily on 'Treehouse'!

Four episodes of 'Ballooner Landing' are now available on one DVD ...featuring 30 music videos. Go the 'Kid's Tunes' page for more details.

* Ballooner Landing, Schoolhouse Logo, Prudence the Parrot, Dogood Dog, Tex Critter the Flea, and Critter Corral are all registered trademarks of Paley Music Company Ltd.

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