Hi Parents and Teachers... welcome to our website!!

For over 25 years we have been sharing our songs for the most important people on the
planet... Kids!! They are amazing!! We have seen a lot of changes in the world through the
years but one thing never changes, the love children have for music! They inspire us all to find the child inside and bring out the best in us as we sing, play, and dance together.

In 1980, when we recorded our first double album, the only way to share songs with children was to travel from town to town and sing them in schools and concert halls. Later, through our 'Ballooner Landing' television series, we shared the music with a wider audience. And now, via the internet...the WORLD!! How much fun is that!! We hope you enjoy the site and the music as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Hats off to Chris Haynes and Gratisites for a GREAT job! Thank you soooooo much!!

Thanks, Gerry , for all the times that we said 'can you help us out?'... and you did!

Please visit the 'Kids Tunes' page where all of the songs have been sampled for you to listen and become familiar with, so you will know what you are choosing. You can purchase Manufactured CD's or customize your own according to themes or categories, i.e. seasons, lullabies, action, easy listening, animlas, outdoors, etc. Also, sing along tracks and lyric sheets with chords will be available soon. Hopefully this will be especially helpful to teachers.

Also visit the "Ballooner Landing" page where some of the shows will be available to watch! Jokes, crafts, and interactive segments for the kids will be on the "Activities" page. This site will be constantly evolving, so please email us your comments and suggestions by clicking here, and of course, we love pictures and artwork from the kids!!

We look forward to hearing from all of you soon!!

Cheers from Canada!!  

Lee and Sandy

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